Laughing at Stress Kit

We built a whole health promotion campaign around the Laughing at Stress Kit for every single state employee in Virginia.
-Lynn Halsey
Continental Health Promotion
Richmond, VA

We ordered these for the Employee Wellness Program at the university.
-Phil Garver, School of Health and Wellness
Southern Adventist University
Collegedale, TN

Laughing at Stress Kit

Want to bring humor into your workplace? Want a gift or incentive that promotes health in a more playful way? Want to brighten someone else’s day? These inspiring giveaways not only help people laugh, they teach people why they need to laugh. Understanding the therapeutic benefits of humor plus some easy ways to initiate it (even on a bad day) makes these cards a valuable gift that employees and clients will love. Each envelope contains eight cards with over 40 useful stress management tips. Great for programs that encourage humor in the workplace and stress management in the workplace.

Eight cards (roughly the size of playing cards) with a funny photograph and memorable quotation on the front and five tips on the back. Each card covers a different aspect of humor and/or stress management in the work place. For example: When things don’t go your way. When the boss is on your back, The psychological benefits of using humor.

Front of the Support Card

Back of the Support Card


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