The Stress Eraser

Price: $179.00
The Stress Eraser

The Stress Eraser is a hand held device that helps you lower stress, sleep better, lower blood pressure and reduce symptoms of chronic pain. Just stick your finger in the top of the unit and within seconds, the Stress Eraser displays your breathing rate in the form of a continuous flowing line that moves in waves across the center of the screen.

How the Stress Eraser works.

Your waves start out jagged, in a way analogous to how your jagged nerves might feel when you first start using the device (see photo above). As you breath in and out on cue with the Stress Eraser your waves become (like a sine wave) even, smooth and flowing. (See photo - step 2 - to the right.) The triangle at the top of the wave is your cue to exhale. The boxes underneath the wave let you know how well you’re doing in terms of your goal of becoming deeply relaxed.

The Stress Eraser awards you points (3 boxes = 1 point; 2 boxes = 1/2 point) based on the timing and effectiveness (in terms of achieving relaxation) of your breathing. It also tracks the number of points you accumulate per session and how many points you accumulate per day.

What makes the Stress Eraser different from other biofeedback devices?

This point system is the key difference between the Stress Eraser and other handheld biofeedback devices available on the market today including the popular EmWave from HeartMath. Because this device accurately defines what relaxation is and when you’ve achieved it, you know exactly how much time you need to spend in order to achieve the full benefit of the training.

And the formula for achieving this benefit is quite simple: you just need to accumulate 30 points per session and 100 points per day. This takes about 15-20 minutes total per day. Do this on a regular basis for at least a month and you will begin to reverse chronic levels of stress and possibly the multitude of health problems associated with it (which can include muscle tension, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, migraine headaches, chronic pain, insomnia, certain allergies, high blood pressure and possibly even heart disease).

Try it risk free

Use the Stress Eraser for just 15 minutes each day for 30 days. If you don’t feel significantly better by the end of just one month return the device for a full refund.


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