Stress Testing Cards

1 to 9$1.95 ea.
10 to 49$1.40 ea.
50 to 99$1.30 ea.
100 to 199$1.20 ea.
200 to 299$1.10 ea.
300 to 499$0.99 ea.
500 to 999$0.89 ea.
1000 to 2500$0.85 ea.

Wow it's really beautiful. It makes you want to stroll right into the card. It looks great with our logo on it. I'm thrilled!
-Diana Barrett
Regional Director
American Heart Association

Stress Tester Cards are quite useful and participants have loads of fun using them.
-Bryan Cook
Precedence EAP

The stress testing cards were a big hit.
-Beth Kuehn, Wellness Center
Honda of America, Mfg.
Marysville, OH

Everybody had fun with them. Thank you.
-Luis Rodriguez, EAP
Florida Power and Light
Miami, FL

Stress Testing Cards

Want a giveaway that promotes good health? Want an inexpensive gift that people will actually keep? Want to put your name and logo in the hands of your clients, patients, employees or customers? Get a stress card. It’s fun and informative. Say goodbye to the ugly plain white stress cards you may have seen elsewhere. Our stress cards are beautifully designed with a sunset or mountain background—or choose your own scene (see regional cards, below). Just like a plastic credit card, our stress card goes neatly in your wallet or purse. The heat sensitive material on the front of the card changes color to tell you whether you are relaxed or tense. Great for seminars, health fairs and other health promotion campaigns. Order any amount from 1-100,000.


A tiny skin thermometer that measures stress.
2 Dot Biodot Cards
Biodots make an inexpensive handout at health fairs, seminars and meetings.
Biodot Pocket Guide
5 biodots plus instruction on how to use them. Includes stress management tips, too.
Stress Testing Cards (Paper-based)
Wallet-sized card lets you know if you’re stressed.