Stress Management Training Webinars

Stress Management Webinars

Meet the Authors Series

The Future of Stress Management in the Workplace
This webinar is geared towards wellness professionals and trainers who want some new ideas for teaching people to manage stress in the workplace. In a series of five short videos, we talk about how companies are viewing stress today, the importance of putting stress management high on the list of priorities, teaching behavioral change, approaches for getting everyone on board, a new six step model for teaching stress that really works, and why we think a year long program is the future of stress management in the workplace.

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Meet the Authors Series

Meet the Authors Series
Each Wednesday at 4 PM EST Jim Porter of StressStop interviews relevant authors from the stress management realm. Authors include Daniel Siegel, Belleruth Naparstek, Daniel Goleman, Joan Borysenko and many more.

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Stress Management Training Webinar Series

Stress Management Series
Back by popular demand! You can now watch one of the Webinars from the Stress Management Training Series. A different webinar will be available each month so check back often.

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The Authors Series from StressStop - Stress Management Training that Works
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Quick Stress Tips

Allow Extra Time

Time pressure is a major source of stress. Next time you snap at the kids, feel stressed in a traffic jam or get chewed out by your boss, look below the surface. Time pressure is often the culprit. To counteract this stressor, build in extra time for everything that you do: For kids who dawdle, for traffic that gets tied up and for assignments that often take longer than you think. When you take this simple advice to heart you'll be amazed at how much stress you'll avoid.

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