A Day Away From Stress CD

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We included this CD in our pre-deployment kit and won a best-practice award.
-Pat Aguon
Randolph Air Force Base
Randolph AFB, TX

When I was feeling stressed, I used the A DAY AWAY FROM STRESS CD again. Once again it did the trick. I was hooked.
-Ladies Home Journal

We liked this CD so much we created a cartoon of Snoopy listening to it for our internal health promotion program on reducing stress and gave away over 5000 copies.
-Carole Passadin
Met Life

I invited every single employee in the hospital to a meeting where we played A Day Away from Stress. Everyone asked, "where can I get a copy of that?" Then we gave them all their own copies to take home. It was the most successful program of the entire year.
-Doris Bonilla
Community Health Education
Cherokee Indian Hospital, Cherokee, NC

A Day Away From Stress CD

Drop this disc in your CD player (or download it to your IPOD) and in minutes you'll be experiencing slower breathing rate, heart rate, lower blood pressure, reduced muscle tension and most importantly less stress!

Read what a reviewer from Ladies Home Journal said about A DAY AWAY FROM STRESS: "For me it turned out to be a whole night away from stress because about ten minutes into it I fell fast asleep. I tried it again the next night. This time I resisted the temptation to fall asleep, and when the relaxation CD ended I went back downstairs and I was a calmer and happier woman. A few nights later when I was feeling stressed, I tried it again. Once again it did the trick. I was hooked."

Our all time best-selling relaxation CD, we've sold well over 250,000 copies so far. Met Life bought 5,000. Dow Chemical bought 5000. The Marines bought 10,000 and various divisions of Blue Cross and Blue Shield across the country have purchased well over 100,000 copies. Once you try it you'll be hooked too.

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