1 to 4$12.00 ea.
5 to 9$11.00 ea.
10 to 19$9.90 ea.
20 to 29$9.45 ea.
30 to 49$9.30 ea.
50 to 99$8.98 ea.
100 to 500$8.49 ea.

This was our most popular giveaway ever. Never thought we'd run out of 150,000 biodots but we did!
-Alice Ortiz
Consumer Sales, Pacificare
Dallas, TX

Even retired movie stars like biodots.
-Tiffany Gonzales
Motion Picture & TV Fund
Hollywood, CA

Everyone loves your biodots
-Suzie Murphy
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
Richardson, TX

These biodots are great to open up a meeting and raise awareness on health.
-Nelson Scott
Carnival Cruise Lines
Miami, FL

The biodots are always a big hit.
-Nancy Shongalla-Bowman
Director of Student Counseling, Princeton Theological Seminary
Princeton, NJ


People love Biodot Skin Thermometers ™. They're fun they're inexpensive and they really work. Peel the biodots off the sheet and wear them on the back of your hand to determine who or what is causing you stress. Use the biodots for health fairs, wellness promotions or as a gift. Because the biodots stay on your hand for up to 24 hours, you can monitor your stress while it's actually happening.

You will also receive 1 Biodot Color Code Card per sheet (100 dots) you order!

Sold in 100 dot sheets.
(1 Sheet = 100 dots, 5 sheets = 500 dots, etc.)

Question and Answer

QUESTION: How do biodots help people reduce stress?

ANSWER: As a rudimentary biofeedback device, biodots give you biological feedback about what's going on inside your body. The information, or feedback that it gives you let's you know whether your efforts have been successful. Say you were trying to meditate as a way of lowering stress. At the end of the twenty minute meditation period, how would you know whether your meditation had actually worked to help you relax? If you were wearing a biodot, and it had turned from black to blue you'd know that the temperature just beneath the surface of your skin had increased and (by deduction) you would know that your capillaries had opened up, that the blood flow had improved and that you had activated the relaxation response. That's how biodots help people to reduce stress. By giving you feedback on internal functions of the body that you can't detect in any other way.

Frequently Asked Questions


2 Dot Biodot Cards
Biodots make an inexpensive handout at health fairs, seminars and meetings.
Biodot Pocket Guide
5 biodots plus instruction on how to use them. Includes stress management tips, too.
Biodot Poster
Explains what the colors on the biodot mean.
Stress Testing Cards
Wallet-sized card lets you know if your stressed.